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Application and Web Development

Application development

iOS, Android, Windows Phone development
We deliver high quality developments for each platforms. We not simply provide a technically functioning solution, we try to support the business side decision as well with providing a Business Information Expert for each projects. Our goal is to make a reliable good for our customers.

Windows softwares development, Winforms, Universal App
Some of our colleges have more then 10 years expertise, which garantee the quality in software developement. On the other hand, out motto is Life Long Learning, so we have private lessons to learn the newest technologies also. We also have huge reputation in database architecture.

Web development
We build websites based on the newest technologies. We believe in "mobile first" concept, so the webdesign starts with the look of the mobile version, beside we optimize the source for the most common desktop browser version also. You can be sure you share the dreamed vision of yours to your customers on all devices.

Security and Quality

Technological and economical skills

User interface designing, maximum user experience
If you want your application or software to be successful on the competitive market, the key factor is the User Interface and the User Experience nowadays. We delegate a UI/UX designer for each project, to help you through the competitors application and achieve success with your product.

Documented source code, secure data storage
Our principle is to provide a clear, understandable source code. To ensure, we take seriously the documentation of each functions of the code, so you can be sure it will be transparent for any developer. Each of our projects are stored and handled in a secured environment, we make sure our clients data will not be leaked.

Quality assurance, economical advises and project management
We handle each projects with the most appropriate methodology. We divide every project into tasks, all of the tasks are uploaded to our project management system. We also provide a professional project manager to your project, so we help you through the process to choose the necessary technology and devices to ensure the economic success of the project also.


Franchise Studio

Triangle POS




Windows application development
Franchise Studio is used since 5 years at 50 stores of BioHair Franchise Network in Hungary.

Guidance and UI/UX design
We are proud to our UI/UX designer. Some of his projects: Beauty Studio, Triangle POS, APP.MENT, Maisonette, Future Builders Generation.

Our team participated in more than 50 website development.

Mobile Application development
APP.MENT Online Booking System with mobile applications. Triangle POS - Management System for the small companies.

Why choose Us?

Individual application from a professional team.

  • Educated, professional team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer first problem solving
  • Project management - we keep you connected
  • Quality - Perfectionist attitude, high standards
  • Deployment folyamatok - version tracking system, etc...

Competitive pricing
Our goal is the quality, not the quantity. We did not set low prices to our pricelist, but we guarantee a high quality product at the end. Our prices based in the working hours we spend. You can check the status in real time in the task management system.

Our companies goal is the quality-driven value creation. We do not believe in the quantitative attitude. Our well organized and managed team prepares documented codes and high-quality surfaces.

Customer first problem solving
The market environments stands different standards for each project. We try to co-operate with and think alike our clients. With this method we can establish the best solution for each projects.

Our chief technical officer works in the industry more than 15 years, each of our team members have at least 3 years of experience. Most of our colleges have university or college degree.

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